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Disciple Training School (DTS)

The school is designed to motivate our students to develop Christian character, cultivate an intimate friendship with God and help them to discover their calling and God given gifts.  The students live at our base located in Juncos and study in an academic setting.  The DTS includes two phases:

“Know God” (theoretical)

For three months duration you will be able to form a solid base from which you will be able to develop your personal character through the application of truth. Some of the teachings offered are:  The Nature and Character of God, Devotions Time, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Christian Character, The Meaning of the Cross, Relationships, Apologetics among others. YWAM Puerto Rico holds the privilege of each year receiving some of the best teachers in Youth With a Mission International.  We count with prestigious resources like: Wedge Alman, Ron Boheme, Winkie Pratney, Dean Sherman, Dean Harvey, Maureen Menard, Ken Jones and Darrow Miller, among others. 

“Make Him Known” (Practical)

The second phase is practical.  It is composed of three months out of which includes a missionary outreach, which will enable you to apply what you have learned.  You will participate in evangelism, mercy ministries and discipleship.  The outreaches in this school are focused on Central and South America. 

The objective of the DTS is to graduate students:

  • With a clearer understanding on God’s purpose and direction over their lives.
  • With a wider understanding on God’s character and his ways.
  • With a wider understanding on the church’s responsibility in discipline nations. 
  • That look more like Jesus in the way they relate with God and others.
  • That apply the Scriptures in such a way that transforms their beliefs, values and behavior.
  • With a solid lifestyle of worship, intercession and spiritual warfare.
  • With the best abilities to work with others, especially with those different than themselves.
  • That can share the Gospel with the lost and that have made it a lifetime commitment.
  • With a commitment to involve themselves someway in Gods work around the nations, including the non reached, the poor and needy and in the different spheres of society.
What should I do to apply?

Fill in the application and send it to:

Juventud Con Una Misión
Attn: DTS 
P.O. Box 116
Juncos, PR, 00777-0116
  • Include a check for $25.00 (non-refundable deposit)
  • Visit your doctor and fill in the medical section of the application
  • Contact references and fill in each part of the application
  • You should have a passport.  We cannot accept anyone without a passport.
  • If you come from outside of the United States, you should solicit a visa at the American Embassy in your country.  We can send you a letter directed toward the embassy. 

YWAM Puerto Rico will be praying over your decision to come to the DTS.  If you are accepted, we will send you an acceptance letter in response.

Feel free to contact us with any question at the following email: [email protected]

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