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King's Kids Camp

Starts on June 2th, 2013

As part of the King's Kids Ministry we do summer trainings each year.  It's a training directed to develop a Christian character in you and to help you know God intimately so you can make Him known to others.  To achive our goals we run this training with an intense schedule.  We wake up very early in the morning and every hour of the day is scheduled.  Mornings are dedicated to the teaching of subjects such as: "The Character of God",  "Time alone with God",  "How to relate with your opposite sex",  and many more.  Also, every day we will do trainings of basketball or soccer, choreography and theater.   On the last four days we will do public presentations and bascketball or soccer games at different places of Puerto Rico.  

There will be around fourty participants selected of all the applications received.  The demand is huge, so we recommend you to send your application as soon as possible.  This will be a very valuable opportunity for you.  You will share with youth from different parts of the island. You will do new friends and will get to know God intimately.


For children from 8 to 12 years old:

2th to 14th of June

For adolescents and youth from 13 to 22 years old:

16th to 30 of June

Print it and invite your friends: 

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