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School of the Bible (SOTB)

The purpose of this school is to equip people for teaching, correct interpretation of the scriptures so that they may apply the principles and Christian worldview in every aspect of life, such as, family, church, government, business and education.  Our students are people committed to work in order to transform their culture according to Biblical fundamentals and Christian virtues.  This school is also an excellent preparation for those who aspire to become teachers of the Word. 

It involves an intense and systematic study of both the New and Old Testament and Church History.  As part of the school’s curriculum classes are offered over topics such as: Apologetics, Hermeneutics, Exegesis, Biblical Worldview, Government and Education among others.

The school consists of 12 modules and holds a two-year duration.  Before finishing the school, students take a trip to Israel where they revisit historic locations that are key episodes in the Bible and life of Christ.  The principle teacher of our school is its founder, Rev. Dean Harvey. We also count with other excellent resources, experts in their fields of study such as: Alan Snyder, Ken Jones and Stephen McDowell among others. 

For more information contact us at: Tel. 787-734-4788

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